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School Growth Plan
2017-2018 Langdale School Growth Plan Goals

(1) To foster a love of reading at all grade levels
(2) To promote and improve reading comprehension at all grade levels by strengthening the reading and writing connection (measured through EPRA, DART and classroom assessments)
Social-Emotional Learning
(1) To foster social emotional well-being amongst Langdale students
(2) To identify students who are highly anxious and provide targeted supports so that they can identify specific strategies that work for them. Research shows that anxiety is not a pathology and that it needs to be recognized, as well as accepted, before developing coping techniques. (Measured through a staff developed survey)
Career Development
To provide students with opportunities to explore a variety of career paths while identifying the core competencies that will enable them to be successful in the twenty-first century.

Our complete school plan can be found here: Langdale School Dev Plan 2017-18 Web.pdf

Last Modified: Jul 05, 2018